About us

“EDI was created to bridge the gap between the large amounts of available satellite data and users who could strengthen their business intelligence and operations by use of such information. ”
CEO and Founder, Frano Cetinic

How we work

We put the client’s needs first. Then we look into how we can solve challenges and information needs by using satellite measurement and other technologies to provide solutions that are accurate, robust and meet the requirements of being used in day to day operations.

We use satellite (radar and optical) and in-situ measurements in combination with machine learning and cloud processing to produce unique and up-to date information to facilitate and support critical decision making.



Our team

We are a highly diverse and international team and our key underlying values as an organization is to be effective, transparent and accountable towards our clients and partners.

We want to work with passionate people that can help us reach our goals and visions. For more information check out our careers page.